Phoenix, Penelope and Genevieve

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Phoenix (left) is a fun-loving seven year old with spina bifida requiring him to use a wheelchair. Despite the many daily challenges he faces, he always finds a way to exude joy! His smile and laughter are contagious. He enjoys spicy food, Legos and having wheelchair races with elderly friends.

Penelope (right) is 5 years old and was diagnosed with a heart defect (Tetralogy of Flow) and is currently battling an undiagnosed GI problem, that has resulted in several surgeries. She is a  sweet girl and loves princesses, dancing, singing. She is critical of her father when he tries to style her long curly red hair into a princess style hairdo! She is brave and strong in the face of all her trials.

Three year old Genevieve (center), the youngest, was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and spina bifida as an infant. Although she is in a wheelchair, she is a fierce little lady, full of determination facing her many challenges. She will have more surgeries in the future to treat her heart condition. She loves Minnie Mouse, princesses, and being the boss.