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Meet the Board

Executive Board

Pat Byrne
Randy Ramsey
Bob Sheehy
Mike Zindrick


Julie Reilly

Board of Directors

Charlene Bermele
Pete Brown
Gloria Burjek
Mary Byrne
Morgan Byrne
Conor Byrne

Maggie Chambers
Mike Chambers
Paddy Conway
Gary Costantino
Mike Daly
Sam Fiorella

Emily Frost
Kara Frost
Tom Gannon
Ann Gardiner
Greg Griffin
Dave Hewson
Mike Huguelet – Counsel
Lynn Kalebich
Ed Kearney

Brennan Lazzaretto

Lisa Lazzaretto
Jim Lynch
Maggie McEldowney

Pam McGivern
Colleen Piko
Mike Rourke

Molly Rourke
Bob Ryan

Mary Zindrick Schieber

Sam Schieber
Mary Jo Smith
Lauren Stull
Jim Togher
Colleen Wiest – accountant

Bryan Zindrick

Honorary Members

Kevin Durkin

Ray Guerin

Bill Hackett

Brian Hickey

Archie Massicotte

Mark McNabola

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