WishMas Party

Santa's Love

Help us spread Holiday cheer while benefitting The Mulliganeers...

Please join us for our
1st annual *WishMas* Party!


The Details

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration


Saturday, December 11th, 2021
3pm - 6pm


The Kerryman (upstairs bar)

661 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654, USA



Ticket price includes domestic light beer bottles, select draft beers, seltzers & house wines from 3pm-6pm.

*Purchase here*

(tickets are non refundable)


If you're unable to attend the event but would still like to support one of our Mulliganeers families this holiday season, please consider purchasing items from their amazon *WishMas Lists* (below!) or making a monetary donation to The Mulliganeers here.

Meet The Families

The Rivera Family
Candy Cane

My husband and I have three adopted children. The boys moved in when they were two and three years old. Two weeks later Lee was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne’s is the most aggressive form of Muscular Dystrophy. He has been in a wheelchair for about 8 years. He was also diagnosed with 4 emotional issues.

Currently, Lee has Pericarditis ( he can go into cardiac arrest at any time and we can lose him.)

About a month ago he had an appointment with his pulmonologist. She told us that it’s a matter of time before he will begin to choke on his food and will need a feeding tube. Two weeks ago he had another appointment. At this appointment the doctor said … you need to start making some decisions about your life in the future. He turned to the doctor and said… my mom will be making all of my future decisions regarding my health. I wanted to crawl under the examining table and scream and cry my eyes out.


Lee is starting to lose  upper body control. He needs to find a wall to lean his shoulder on to keep himself up. My husband and I have to bathe , dress, and help him with everything related to using the bathroom.


It’s extremely difficult to walk in these gym shoes not knowing if we will lose him soon. 




The Hitchcock Family

"We became Mulliganeers back when Gabby was 2 years old. Our special needs journey went with so much ease with the on going help from Mulliganeers. They helped get Gabby better seating systems that helped to support her and also continue to work while she grows. I could also get it in and out of our vehicle too. It was safer and easier to get her around. We have always felt loved and connected with the Mulliganeers and we will be forever grateful for all the love and support given through out all these years. 

In July, my sister (& only sibling) unexpectedly passed away. While out in Ohio for my sister's services, Gabby contracted covid. I lost her about 6weeks after my sister. My only child. 

My sister was a single mother of two kids. I have guardianship of her oldest while her other daughter is with her dad." - The Hitchcock Family 

The Sobieszczyk Family

Tony Sobieszczyk was diagnosed on July 29th with Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) which aggressively spread to his liver, lungs and lymph nodes. His cancer came as an utter shock to everyone. His decline was swift & the cancer took his life on August 16th. He is survived by his wife of almost 20 years, Dawn, as well as their kids Nikki (18), Anthony (16), Dominic (15) and Michael (8). 

The Bruin Family

Sean Bruin, loving husband and father of six, was diagnosed with a brain tumor eighteen years ago. Sean fought hard for many years: two brain surgeries and multiple rounds of intense chemo, radiation and physical therapy. 


Despite his struggles, Sean always showed up for his beautiful family. Whether it be coaching them in baseball, basketball, and soccer or taking them on annual trips to the Dells; Sean was always there. He spent years with challenging cognitive issues and physical impairments, but through it all he continued to work in whatever capacity he could to provide for his family.


After a long and heroic battle with brain cancer, Sean passed this year. It will be a tough Christmas without him, but we are so very grateful to the Mulliganeers for sharing a little Christmas cheer with our family during this much needed , difficult time.